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Industry Applications

Montgomery Chemicals is your reliable, domestic source for Sodium Borohydride Products, manufactured at our Conshohocken, PA plant.

With superior quality and technical support, we offer specific product formulations for your particular application.

Pulp and Paper

Used in the manufacture of reductive bleach to brighten magazine and newsprint grade paper, the pulp and paper industry is the largest market for Sodium Borohydride products.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Borohydrides are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry as a safe and effective reduction technology in the production of many Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Sodium or Potassium Borohydride can also be used in-situ to produce other more aggressive reducing agents cost effectively.

Metal Recovery

Sodium Borohydride is extremely effective in reducing metal ions back to their free metal state and is an economic way to remove metals such as silver, copper, and nickel from chelated wastewater streams.


In the textile industry, Sodium Borohydride, used in combination with Sodium Bisulfite, is recognized by leading researchers as a replacement for Sodium Hydrosulfite in vat dyeing, indigo dyeing, color stripping, reductive clearing, machine cleaning and many other applications where a stable, environmentally desirable reducing agent is required.

Organic Chemical Purification

Used at ppm levels, Sodium Borohydride can improve the color, odor and stability of many organic chemicals. Sodium Borohydride works by reducing aldehydes, ketones, peroxides and metal impurities that can lead to color, odor and product instability.

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