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Montgomery Chemicals offers a complete line of Sodium Borohydride products in both liquid and solid forms. Products are available in pails, drums, totes and truck load quantities.

BoroSpec 1240®

A stable aqueous solution containing 12% by weight Sodium Borohydride(NaBH4) and 40% by weight Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). BoroSpec is used in pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacture as well as for removal and prevention of color and odor in personal care ingredients and chemical processes. BoroSpec is also effective in the preparation and recovery of metal catalysts such as nickel.

BoroSpec 1240® Data Sheet

BoroMet 1240®

Is used extensively in the Chlor-Alkali industry to prevent corrosionin nickel evaporators. BoroMet is also used in the printed circuit board, photo processing and metal plating industries to reduce heavy and precious metals from chelated wastewater streams and spent plating baths. BoroMet 1240® produces a metal rich sludge which is easier to refine and produces less waste than competitive technologies.

BoroMet 1240® Data Sheet
BoroMet 1240® - Caustic Application

MontBrite 1240®

Primarily used by the pulp and paper industry for on-site generation of Sodium Hydrosulfite (Na2S2O4) bleach for the reductive bleaching of wood pulp.

MontBrite 1240® Data Sheet

MontTex 1240®

Used in the textile industry primarily as a safer and cost effective means to generate Sodium Hydrosulfite (Na2S2O4) which has applications in vat dyeing, stripping, clearing and machine cleaning. MontTex 1240 is also beneficial in preventing premature oxidation of sulfur and vat dyes which result in bronzing of sulfur dyes or uneven vat dyes in both continuous and batch applications.

MontTex 1240® Data Sheet

BoroSpec® Granules (98.5%)

A fine granular form of Sodium Borohydride available in 50kg drums. Used extensively in organic reductions and applications not suitable with the liquid form.

BoroSpec® Granules (98.5%) Data Sheet

BoroSpec K® Powder (96%)

A powdered form of Potassium Borohydride available in 50kg drums. Used for organic reductions and for producing other borohydride reagents.

BoroSpec K® Powder (96%) Data Sheet

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